With 2:50 to go in the first half, Kobe leads all scorers with 18 points. Nash already has 12 assists and Amare Stoudemire has 12 points and 11 rebounds. Suns lead 47-44

There’s Kwame

Not sure why he was out so long. But he’s back in now and Andrew is out. Also, Sasha’s in, presumably for 3-point shooting.

Lamar is still having a tough time getting involved. He’s 0-for4 from the field and isn’t being aggressive.

Kobe was out for a minute and the Suns just scored 6 straight points. Phil brings him back in quickly.

Where’s Kwame?

Andrew Bynum’s been playing well, but there’s no reason I can see that Kwame should be out this long. He has no fouls and started off being aggressive. He’s sitting on the bench and doesn’t look hurt. Not sure what’s going on, but he’s only played 8 minutes so far and we’re more than halfway through the second quarter.

Lakers dictating the pace

Yet another thing I didn’t think I’d see. But the Lakers are dictating the pace of this game. So far, they’ve forced Phoenix into some strange lineups. Kurt Thomas, James Jones and Boris Diaw have seen a lot of PT, which is unusual this early. Phoenix is at its best when it goes small with Nash, Bell, Barbosa, Marion and Stoudemire. The Lakers are forcing them to go big, which slows them down.


Wow, never thought I’d see Brian Cook, Andrw Bynum, Shammond Williams, Mo Evans and Kobe on the floor together. Lakers are making an effort to go big.

Mo’s looking good though. He just knocked down his second straight 3.

Lakers go big

Steve Nash just came out for a blow at the end of the first quarter and the Lakers adjusted by going big. Briand cook, Andrew Bynum and Mo Evans are in the game, forcing the Suns to go with Boris Diaw and James Jones

Smush in

Phil Jackson had to do something to try and slow Steve Nash did. Nash had been blowing by Jordan Farmar and gasily getting to the basket. Looks like Smush is going to get a crack at trying to stay in front of him. If he can’t do it, Shammond Williams won’t be far behind