No. 19

The exact order hasn’t been finalized, but the Lakers should have the 19th overall pick in this year’s draft. Here’s a list of some of the players who’ve been drafted in that slot the last couple of years:

2006: Quincy Douby, Sacramento
2005: Hakim Warrick, Memphis
2004: Dorrell Wright, Miami
2003: Alexander Pavlovic, Utah
2002: Ryan Humphrey, Utah

Warrik and Wright have turned out well. The rest, well….

OK, now here’s a look at some of the players projected to be available in the 15-25 range of this year’s draft, according to

15. Al Thornton, Florida State 16. Jeff Green, Georgetown 17. Jason Smith, Colorado State 18. Rudy Fernandez, Spain 19. Nick Young, USC 20. Josh McRoberts, Duke 21. Brandon Rush, Kansas 22. Rodney Stuckey, Eastern Washington 23. Marco Belinelli, Italy 24. Marcus Williams, Arizona 25. Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech

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  • LA_Eagle786

    Thaddeus Young is going to be solid. Hopefully Lakers can get him. I haven’t seen him play all that much because I follow UCLA, but from what I did see, I was definitely impressed

  • Michael Teniente

    I say trade the pick. As Mitch Kupchak said: We don’t need to get any younger.


  • titi

    I would take Nick Young, he is a very confident player, he has that swagger and says he loves taking that last shot like Kobe does, so I would like for him to be a Laker.

  • gdchild

    No need to look at those potential draftees. We are shopping our picks for higher target or a solid veteran.