Ronny, Rone, Roni!

Ronny Turiaf’s earned a lot of description in his short time with the Lakers. Passive would never be one of them. Asked whether it’s hard for him to have so much passion while his teammates often appear to lack it, Turiaf said:

“We are all different. We have our own personality. You can’t ask a cat to be a dog. That’s me, being energetic all the time. You don’t know that somebody else, for example Andrew, that doesn’t show a lot of emotion, he might be so fired up inside, but he doesn’t show it, so you don’t know it.

“ I’m not disappointed at all, because I know that my teammates care about the game of basketball and I care about winning. So I know that deep inside, there was fire and they wanted to play.

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  • I think only four of the Lakers really had fire and wanted to play: Kobe, Lamar, Ronny and Luke.