• Michael Teniente

    Should there be?

    Who gives a damn!

    As long as that chump Steve Nash didn’t win with gimmic ball.

    Let me put it this way: Small ball is on trial right now.

    Group A (The best of the two: Set offense v.s. Smallball/Run and gun)

    San Antonio v.s. Phoenix

    Group B (The 2nd Tier: Set offense v.s. Smallball/Run and gun)

    Utah v.s. Golden State

    If Phoenix doesn’t get to the finals all that does is prove that Smallball/Run and Gun only works in the regular season where most teams don’t play defense. And if that is the case then Steve Nash shouldn’t have won 2 straight MVPs muchless 3 straight MVPs.

    Forget the MVP debate. Right now it’s Set Offense with a capable big man v.s. Small Ball/Run and Gun.

    Of course there’s another version of ball that hasn’t made it to the 2nd round in a while. And that’s the old triangle teams of Jordan and Pippen. They didn’t have a dominating big man but still won 6 Championships. That’s the road the Lakers have to take if they are going to establish Kobe Bryant as the greatest player the N.B.A. has ever seen. I think they can do it if the drop Parker, which they already have, and Walton and replace them with a couple of real players. Or should I say: A couple of real defenders. But anyway that’s for next year.

    As for this year, right now Small Ball/Run and Gun has one hell of a task ahead of them. If by some chance they make it out of the Western Conference Finals they’ll, more than likely, have to face the Detriot Piston.

    I’m telling you: Small Ball/Run and Gun is on trial and if it doesn’t win a championship this year…it’s purely gimmic ball, and therefore: not worthy of having one of it’s players being named MVP.

    They got away with it twice without Small Ball/Run and Gun making it to the finals but one of it’s players winning the MVP. No way does it happen for a 3 year in a row.

    Again, it’s not the MVP award that’s worthy of debate: it’s the legitimacy of Small Ball/Run and Gun basketball as a sound basketball philosophy.


  • Michael Teniente

    On more thought: Lady, this is a battle of philosophies. And right now it’s playing out beautifully. Especially in the Spurs and Suns series.

    Right now the Suns have basically abandoned Small Ball/Run and Gun by inserting Kurt Thomas into the line-up and having Shawn Marion guarding Tony Parker. Now it’s a game of adjustments and it’s the Spurs move.

    I’m going with the Spurs.


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  • Binh Nguyen

    Because it is expected…

  • gdchild

    I’m glad the Spurs beat that cocky Suns. The Suns haven’t accomplished anything yet and they acted entitled.