Jason Kidd chatter … again

From today’s New York Post:

“The reality is too grim to bear. A loss tonight and “The Big Three” might be headed for “The Big Breakup.” Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson, who combined to shoot a dreadful 11-for-48 in Game 4’s 87-85 loss to the Cavaliers, may have just one last night to prove the trio’s long-term worth.

If you believe Rod Thorn’s remarks last week that the results of this second-round series have no effect on breaking up the team, you also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and that Isiah Thomas has never told a lie.

Jason Kidd could be on the move, too, if Nets ownership deems it’s time to rebuild for Brooklyn 2009. Yesterday, Kidd declined to speak with reporters. Nets spokesman Gary Sussman said a sore Kidd was “in the tub.” It could be Kidd’s last Nets-sponsored bath.

Lakers minority owner Magic Johnson sat in the first row at the Meadowlands on Monday night and it’s unclear if he was scouting Kidd for Jerry Buss. During the All-Star Break, when talks with the Lakers heated up, Kidd sounded upbeat about playing for the Lakers, raising speculation he initiated the talks.

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  • dacsila

    They should have traded for Jason Kidd in exchange of Andrew Bynum. This big guy will only be a good version of Benoit Benjamin. Now that they have seen him play in the play-off, the Nets might ask for Odom/Bynum instead of Kwame/Bynum for Kidd.

  • Cory

    The Nets wanted Bynum/Kwame for J Kidd no chance would i ever except that I love J. Kidd dont get me wrong Best point guard in the league for his whole career(Nash has not been good throught just last 5 seasons) But that would leave the Lakers without a Big man. Kidd & Moore for Bynum and Kwame but first we need too sign the free agent center from portland Jamal Maglorie or whatever his name is.