Lamar to be more aggressive

So I was cleaning out some of my old interviews off my tape recorder this morning and caught a few interesting comments from Lamar Odom’d exit interview that I thought were pretty interesting, especially in light of some of Phil Jackson’s comments about Lamar’s play this year.

Phil basically said that he and Mitch Kupchak talked to Lamar about being more of a scorer and that they were reminded of how good a player he is by his Game 5 performance against the Suns. Lamar’s response:

“I know they want me to score. I might be catching the ball closer to the basket,” he said. “I try to play the game of basketball and not just score, but if that’s what the people want to see, I guess they can expect that a little bit more from me next season.”

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  • Michael Teniente

    Promises, promises! Seeing is believing.


  • LakerFan

    Trade him

  • LA_Eagle786

    First off, I love Lamar an hope he stays a Laker.

    Second, this Mike guy is annoying

  • Michael Teniente

    If I told you once, I’ve told you a million times: GIMMIC BASKETBALL WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!

    This series was over by game 4. By that game the Spurs had already made the Suns operate from a half court game. The Spurs went cold in the 4th quarter of that game or else they would have won that game and this series would have been over in 5 games.

    All the run and gun/small ball philosophy went out the window in game 4 and never came back.

    The beauty of the series was that the Suns are a seriously talented group. They had the perfect personal to play run and gun/small ball. But in the end: The oldest team in the N.B.A. beat them with nothing but half court set after half court set.

    The Spurs took the Suns’ game away from them and beat them in 6 games.

    This is why the Lakers have got to quit all this talk about getting Jason Kidd. The key to winning a championship is having a defensive middle.

    The Suns didn’t have a defensive middle. The Nets didn’t have a defensive middle. The Lakers have a defensive middle in Kwame Brown. But the Lakers didn’t have any defense at the 1 and 3 spots, which basically cancelled out Kwame Browns presence.

    We need a 1 and a 3 to get to the next level.


  • Michael Teniente


    The San Antonio/Phoenix series was a great example of why small ball/run and gun is yet to win a championship.

    This series was broken down with the adjustments that Coach Popovich and Coach DAntonio made after the Spurs won the first game. The first adjustment was Coach DAntonio putting Kurt Thomas in the game as a starter and Shawn Marion on Tony Parker in game 2, which the Suns won. The next adjustment was when Coach Popovich put Bruce Bowen on Steve Nash in game 3, which the Spurs won.

    That was basically it. With the Spurs leading the series 2-1 going into game 4, the Spurs came out and played almost flawlessly in that game. They had a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter of that game. The Suns came back and won. Not because they outplayed the Spurs but because the Spurs couldnt hit a shot in the 4th quarter of game 4 and ended up losing. But it was this game that I saw that the Suns had no chance of winning this series.

    What I saw in this game was the Spurs dictating the tempo of the game. The Suns were completely out of their game. The small ball/run and gun philosophy was all but dead by the time this game had ended. If the Spurs hadnt went cold in the 4th quarter they would have won this game, too.

    Then in game 5 the Spurs came out cold and couldnt hit anything in the first half. But they didnt panic. They stuck to their philosophy of basketball and came back to win the game to take a 3-2 lead in the series. That game really showed what the Spurs were all about. The Spurs were held to 33 points for the half of that game. As good as the Suns looked they only scored 44 points for the half themselves.

    In the 3rd quarter of that game the Spurs relied on their defense to bring them back. They outscored the mighty offensive Suns 23-18 in that quarter to make the score 56-62 to start the 4th quarter. Then they outscored the Suns 32-23 to win the game outright. It was beautiful! Not because the Suns had a chance. Its because the Spurs arent that good. But you dont have to be that good to beat the Suns.

    The Lakers almost beat them last year but lost because PJ wouldnt make a simple adjustment by taking Smush Parker out and replacing him with Devean George. The Dallas Mavericks beat the Suns last year, in 6 games, when Avery Johnson switched Josh Howard to Nash in the 2nd half of game 6. The Mavericks were down by, at least, 10 points when Johnson made that switch and the Mavericks won the series with that game.

    A year later the Lakers played the Suns again. We were winning game 1 when PJ went with the most outrageous rotations in the 2nd quarter and let the Suns back in. We lost that game. We got killed in game 2. We won game 3. Then in game 4 and 5 PJ went with 11 and 12 man rotation. There were absolutely no adjustments whatsoever. Not in last years playoffs and then in this years playoffs he went with a ridiculous 11 and 12 man rotation.

    The man simply got out coached in both years. When Mike DAntonio went with Kurt Thomas as the starter in game 2 of this Spurs/Suns series Greg Popovich had the Suns where he wanted them. It was their big line-up, which lasted the rest of the series.

    But youve got to give the Suns credit because they have the talent. But after 82 games of small ball/run and gun philosophy I think its asking a little too much for Suns to play half court basketball in the playoffs when defense is the name of the game. It got them last year and it got them this year, too. And if they continue to play that type of ball itll get them next year, too.

    And thats why Steve Nash wasnt worthy of winning 3 straight MVPs. Teams dont play defense in the regular season. And everything Steve Nash does is against non-defensive playing teams in the regular season. Put Steve Nash in the playoffs and he hasnt made it the finals.

    I said that the Spurs arent that good and I believe that. Tim Duncan, yesbut the rest can be stopped. But against the Suns they were good enough because the Suns played gimmic basketball for 82 games in the regular season and that doesnt work in the playoffs.

    Defense beat the Suns not how good the Spurs are.

    But there was no more adjustment that I want to acknowledge before I come to the end of this post. Coach Popovich took an ineffective player and made him relevant. All series long the Suns were taking advantage of Jacque Vaughn. They were playing off of Vaughn and making him hit shots. Vaughn was playing terribly. Everything he did seemed to go wrong.

    But in the 2nd half of game 5 Coach Popovich had Vaughn positioned under the basket to make the Suns have to guard him. Vaughn responded by making two beautiful passes to outside shooters for 5 points. LOL! Now that is adjusting! That is making a so-so player come up big. Thats coaching! That is way above anything PJ would ever do. No, PJ wants to call his players slugs in the media. Thats PJs idea of coaching. The guy is way behind the times. He got out coached against the Detriot Pistons in the finals a few years back. We had the better talent but Larry Brown made a fool out of PJ.

    To this day PJ doesnt know what to do. Hes complaining about not having players. But thats not the problem. The problem is that he isnt a defensive coach and without defense hell never beat the Suns, while everyone else will.


  • gdchild

    I like Odom and I hope he can finally be the 2nd option we have expected him to be for 3 years now.

    But I just have no confidence that we’ll get to see a more assertive Odom next season. Aggressive on the offensive end is against his nature.

  • avi

    hey mike lets get jeff as an assitant.. lol so he can teach this team some D….. only if him and pj got along….

  • socalife

    yo Mike…

    DPOY Marcus Camby, Denver Nuggets only won a game against the Spurs.

  • The Right Mike


    You need a girlfriend!

  • confusedindianguy

    the mike guy is annoying. i think he annoys on the latimes blog too.