The Unemployment Derby

An online wagering service,, is offering odds on which NBA coach will be next to resign or be fired, the list limited to those who reached the playoffs this season. The 2/1 favorite is Golden State’s Don Nelson, which is probably a reflection on Nelson’s propensity to job-hop, since it’s unlikely Nelson would be fired after the Warriors pulled the first-round upset of Dallas.

The Lakers’ Phil Jackson is 20/1, with the fourth-longest odds.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Robby Albarado will be riding Jerry Sloan in the Western Conference Finals.

Don Nelson (GS) – 2/1
George Karl (Den) – 4/1
Brian Hill (Orl) – 5/1
Scott Skiles (Bulls) – 8/1
Avery Johnson (Dal) – 8/1
Mike D’Antoni (Pho) – 8/1
Lawrence Frank (NJ) – 8/1
Pat Riley (Miami) – 10/1
Eddie Jordan (Washington) – 10/1
Phil Jackson (LA) – 20/1
Jerry Sloan (Uta) – 20/1
Mike Brown (Clev) – 30/1
Flip Saunders (Det) – 50/1
Gregg Popovich (SA) – 50/1
Sam Mitchell (Tor) – 75/1

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  • Michael Teniente

    The chances of PJ getting “fired” by the Lakers are absolutely zero.

    If “PJ decides” he’s had enough of coaching, it’ll be “his” choice to walk away.


  • Michael Teniente

    Awwwh, lets just make it plain and simple: Fire the guy!

    Jim Buss should take control of the situation and just get rid of PJ. It’s that plain and simple.

    I would support that.


  • jaanbaaz

    Jim Buss is an idiot. He has no qualifications to criticize PJ.
    On the rumors of jerry west: He is not going to save the lakers, he could not do it in Memphis. Just look at his draft picks in Memphis. He has lost his touch

  • titi

    Ramona how about writing an article or investigating why the NBA didn’t suspend Lebron James for an unnatural basketball act:

    That is exactly the same thing Kobe did and it earned him 2 suspensions, why is Lebron not suspended?

    A little bias against Kobe in the NBA?

    Stu jackson said any player would be suspended for that action… well Lebron did it, the video is there, where is the suspension?

  • Benny

    This is for the Lakers Org. Kwame Brown, Smush and the rest of the bench warmers must go. Luke is inconsistent especially when playoff time. We need to get KG & J Kidd now. Come on Mitch, I know it’s hard but there’s always a way to get these two guys.
    Trade the rest except for Kobe, LAmar & Andrew. Rebuild from these three guys. Just like Kobe said, we need to do something now. KG is good for the next 5 five years at least and J Kidd for the next two. WHat do you think?