Kobe bombshell

According to ESPN.com, Kobe Bryant will demand that the Lakers rehire Jerry West and give him full control of basketball operations, or else Bryant will ask to be traded. The story is oddly placed — less important than Serena Williams’ first-round victory at the French Open — and doesn’t include any fresh quotes from Kobe, although the source on the story is ESPN’s Ric Bucher, who has known to be tight with Kobe over the years. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Joe Amato

    This is Kobe’s team. He chased Shaq out of town, chased Phil out of town. The built the team around him and now he’s complaining. What he should be saying is ‘I realize I can’t carry to this team to championship all by myself, so I should step aside, and let the real rebuilding begin’. Kobe, can you say, ‘Who’s your Daddy?’

  • Michael Teniente

    Between the Jim Buss, Jeanie Buss, Kurt Rambis, and Kobe interviews a lot has been said. I’m going to connect the dots on this baby and break it down to where it makes sense. It’ll take about a week to do. But things will be moving faster as soon as the season is over.

    Until then I have this to say to Kobe Bryant.

    For now: Get behind Jim Buss! He’s the only one who’s being truthful in this whole matter. Give me a week and I’ll write a report to show you why.


  • gdchild

    This trade talk was rebutted by Kobe.

    However, West as a Laker consultant? Do it Buss!

  • Lakerfan

    wow at the people who still stay Kobe chased Phil out of town when the man himself came back saying that wasn’t the case at all and Kobe was not involved and was pretty much indifferent at the time.

    Shaq, obviously Kobe did not have a soft corner for him. So, he didn’t pull for him to stay.. that doesn’t mean he chased him out. It’s funny how people ignore Shaq’s antics in the whole matter.

  • tif

    here’s Kobe’s response on his website, maybe the daily news writers can get their quotes from there:


  • Anonymous

    Joe Amato: Built for Kobe? What teams were you watching? If this team was built for Kobe in the hater-sense, then the team would consist of guys that averaged 0 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds a game.

    You guys are all the same, blaming Kobe for everything, but lending a blind eye to what management has done since and what Shaq has done throughtout his career.

  • joe


    Is anyone covering the Lakers for the Daily News?

  • viclue

    It is baffling to me how LA is so uninformed and yet so willing to accept comments from the media as gospel. Historicaly scribes (media) have been responsible for tearing down some of the great personalities in the history of humanity. Listen, we can not be deceived by over opinionated manipulators of the english language. Shaquile O’Neal forced his own way out of our fair city, he was not forced out by any other means other than his own greed and arrogance. Remember, he was the one who challenged and embarrased owner Jerry Buss in Hawaii while running up court after a rutine block and barked out “you gonna pay me now?” all on the heals of an 120 million dollar seven year contract. Not Kobe! It was Shaquile O’Neal, who made the degrading statement concerning the competency of GM Mitch Kupchack when he declared that he was the GM in LA nad responsible for bringing Gary Payton and Carl Malone to LA, which last I checked, did nothing to bring our city a championship. Not Kobe! It was Shaquile O’Neal that stated without any regard for the season ticket holders and fans in general when he needed surgery but waited until the season approached to have the proceedure done. Then he quipped, “I was injured on company time, so I will heal on company time. Not Kobe! Finally, I would like for all of you have were so taken in by the colorful personality of Shaquile O’Neal to not confusse playfullness with love. I don’t believe that Shaquile loved his time with the Lakers or the city for that matter, this is evident by his very disparraging comments concerning the city and tghe ownership in LA immediately after he arrived in Miami. No, Shaquile is an optamist and whoever is at his disposal at the time is were he rests his colorfulness. For instance Shaquile O’Neal went to Miami and promised to bring a championship there and went on to work hard to loose weight and get in shape for a good season that resulted in a promise fulfilled. But the very next season Shaquile O’Neal was again out of shape and injured and uninterested. Typical O’Neal. Kobe is a great LA guy and has really improved over the years and that is all any of us could ever ask or require of an individual, and that is that they would improve over the years and end up a better person or player or both than they were at the begining. Kobe Bean Bryant, I love you man! I have always respected your serious approach to the game of basketball and the level of professionalism that you have demonstrated even from age 17. You have made all of us who have good sense, very proud of you. Thanks for the memories and championships, you above all were the spark that ignited the flame of victory. Even Magic made a miss judgemnet of youth and he is dearly endeared to LA, so why not Kobe. We all have skelotons in our closets and if those skeletons were to be exposed for the world to view, how many of us would be able to stand so tall under the weight of scrutiny as you have? You’ve done well for yourself and your family son. Vic Lewis