Kobe clears the air

Straight from his keyboard to your screen:

From www.kb24.com

The Truth: I haven’t asked for a trade
What’s up you all.
Haven’t checked in in a while,
I’m sure you guys have been hearing all this and that and are not sure what to think or believe.
The Truth section was created for times such as these.
So here’s tha deal:
I have NOT asked to be traded, I don’t want to be traded and I have given no ultimatums or demands of being traded.
I love it here in LA, my family loves it here.
I’ve been a laker fan my whole life. A REAL Laker fan! I’m talkin Silk Wilks days, and know the history of the Lakers going back to George Mikan era. I WANT to retire a Laker and contend for titles.
It is my opinion that Mr Clutch, one of the greatest GMs the game has ever seen would b able to get us to back to that level sooner rather than later.
If he is available, then it makes sense to give him the reigns and let him do what he does BEST. I KNOW I can trust him to build us an elite team.
I’m tired of losing and I’m sure you guys are tired of it as well.
Now is the time to step up and make some things happen. We have all have waited patiently for three years…Let’s GO!
– Strength and Honor

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  • gdchild

    Never believeed that Kobe demanded a trade. Nice to hear this directly from himself though.

  • uzair3_21

    Damage control