Lakers’ statement

Here’s the official word from Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss, regarding Kobe Bryant’s trade demand:

“We are aware of the media reports. However, Kobe has not told us directly that he wants to be traded. We have made it very clear that we are building our team around Kobe and that we intend for him to be a Laker his entire career. We will speak directly to Kobe and until we do that, we will not comment publicly about this.”

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  • terry smith

    Attention Buss and Lakers:
    I have been a season ticket holder for many years and endured much of the turmoil over the years. But this is the limit! YOU”D BETTER GET SOME HELP FOR KOBE…NOW!!
    You’ve collected enough of my money for season tickets–therefore stop crying about the luxury tax. It’s funny, i just received my season ticket bill already and its 7 months before the first game of the new season…go figure!

  • Jim Bryant

    According to Kobe, he contacted the Lakers. The Lakers have no credibility. Their owner is a drunk, his son has failed at everything he has tried to do and the general manager is incompetent. This team needs to do something to show the Laker fans that they deserve our support.

  • Dealer Danny

    Please send him to the Celtics. We’ll give you Paul Pierce (an LA guy, by the way), Gerald Green, Delonte West and the #5 pick. If you’d like, we’ll even throw in Bassie “6-gun” Telfair.


    Suns will give you Marion, Diaw, Thomas’ expiring contract and their two picks this year for Kobe, Odom and Turiaf. Heck, we’ll even throw in Marcus Banks – even he is an upgrade at point for you guys.

  • Jeff

    Trade him…I am over it. He is a great player but bad person. Does anyone really believe he didn’t demand Shaq to be traded for him to re-sign? Are all of you really buying this? Dr. Buss isn’t a great guy either, but he has been a good owner. I say blow it up and start over. I am just tired of hearing about Kobe at this point.

  • Mh

    Yes I do believe that he didn’t run Shaq out. Kobe has stated publicly that he wants/ challenges lakers management to say it to the world, that he (kobe) DEMANDED for Shaq to traded. N to add onto it, Shaq was interviewed and believes Kobe quote “100 percent”. Buss n the whole family have alot of inside secrets, they just kept kobe (who they jerked) so that they’d be able to sell tickets until they’re ready to let him go and reload on a whole roster.

    Jerry is a 74 year old drunk that SUCKS as a owner, Mitch isn’t any better. It’s Hollywood, they just want money n ticket sales, they could care less about titles anymore.

  • aida miranda

    Lakers owner should do something to have a better team. Give Kobe one or two players that would help the team to be a good contender for the championship.

  • kenyardis

    kobe is no god he can not tell grown people what to do i think kobe would have loved to have shaq stay in la with him but they didnt want to spend the money to keep him and i am glad shaq beleives kobe had nothing to do with his trade

  • James

    No matter which team Kobe is playing for, I will be that team’s biggest fan….

  • bill-y-d

    what do people think the lakers can just sumons a team togather at will,this is the n.b.a not much changes over a 4-5 year period players are not just going to be readily acessible,and teams are not going to give up something for nothing just because it’s la.

  • brian

    kobe just make up your mind so the lakers can get other basketball plaker

  • kobe please listen dont go no where. if u do please fo to dallas but the dunk owners on the lakers or trying to do there best.
    (for owner)
    (get Jermaine O’Neal cause you got fisher at point)