Jeanie’s Journal

The Buss family has declined interview requests in the days since Kobe Bryant’s verbal maelstrom, preferring instead to release statements from owner Jerry Buss. Yesterday, we got a little insight into how another member of the family is feeling as Jeanie Buss, who sticks mostly to the business operations of the team, posted a diary entry on the team’s website.

Jeanie sounded devastated by the events of the last few days, calling them some of the most trying in her professional career. But she expressed the strongest statement yet that the Buss family has no intentions of trading Kobe Bryant.

“While it is clear that I have no input into basketball decisions, I have expressed my opinion to everyone I work with in this organization that Kobe Bryant CANNOT now or EVER be traded from the Lakers. Even thinking about it distresses me. My message is simple he is not going anywhere. How can you trade Kobe when there is no equal to Kobe?,” she wrote.

“The last few hours here in the office have been quiet. I missed my dads telephone call before he got on a plane for China and will be gone almost a month. I will spend the next few weeks catching up on things including reaching out to so many of our Lakers fans who have emailed and written to me. I want to thank you all for your support and keep the faith. It is a long off season but trust me Lakers executives are working aggressively to return the team to championship form.”

To read Jeanie’s Journal in its entirety, click here:

  • gdchild

    Ramona Shelburne , do you have the Jeanie’s email?

    I want to thank her for telling the truth: You don’t let Kobe go. No way.

  • tif

    this is jeanie’s email:

  • gdchild

    tks, tif.

  • akp

    yeah bt thats not her personal email…lol that would be cool if it was..

  • gdchild

    tif, thanks.

    I emailed Jeanie and urged her to keep Kobe.

  • Tired of Primadonna

    Drama queen man. Kobe needs to stfu already. Strength and honor? The same Kobe that cheated on his wife right after she had their first baby? The same Kobe that threw Shaq under the bus to the cops in Colorado? Yeah, it was public knowledge that Shaq was accused but it wasn’t public knowledge that he offered to pay her a million dollars to keep quiet. Kobe needs to stop faking the funk. Kobe may not have demanded Shaq be traded but it was pretty clear he wasn’t going to sign until Shaq was traded. Didn’t the FO allow him to recruit Coach K, the coach of his choice? The organization has bent over backwards for Kobe. Kobe is mad at the FO for trading Caron? Wasn’t that Phil’s doing? Kobe said Jerry West wouldn’t have traded Shaq, he wouldn’t have let that happen. Well Kobe, you didn’t do anything yourself to stop Shaq from being traded now did you? Yes, the FO sucks but Kobe needs to stop acting like an innocent victim here. The 2007 plan you know? Kobe knew about that. So umm it’s been three years now. It’s still 2007. Kobe shouldn’t be mad because he knew about the 2007 plan right? So losing was expected? Kobe is such a revisionist.

    This is just an out planned by Kobe’s people to get him traded to the team of his choice. Ray Allen called it. Kobe is the one with no strength and honor to stick it out with his team. This guy is a spoiled entitled brat.

  • Charles

    Guys what do you think about this? Let’s assume The Laker’s will have to go at least $10-11 million above payroll to improve. That’s using the mid level $5 mill, the $1mill, and 2-$1mill deals. (And by the way, they are currently over by $3 million).

    Lineup 1 (deals are as follows)

    J Kidd = Kwame, Cook, Bynum, 1st or 2nd Round Pick.
    Artest = Radmanovich and 2nd round (We have 2, 2nd round Picks)
    Jamaal Magloire (5million) Assuming he will take that….

    Reserves: Farmar, Evans, Grant Hill ($1mil), Turiaf ($1mil), Mihm ($1mil), Sasha and Left over Round Pick.

    Respect to my Laker Nation!!! Holla….


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