• Charles

    Congrats to PJ!!!

    Guys what do you think about this? Let’s assume The Laker’s will have to go at least $10-11 million above payroll to improve. That’s using the mid level $5 mill, the $1mill, and 2-$1mill deals. (And by the way, they are currently over by $3 million).

    Lineup 1 (deals are as follows)

    J Kidd = Kwame, Cook, Bynum, 1st or 2nd Round Pick.
    Artest = Radmanovich and 2nd round (We have 2, 2nd round Picks)
    Jamaal Magloire (5million) Assuming he will take that….

    Reserves: Farmar, Evans, Grant Hill ($1mil), Turiaf ($1mil), Mihm ($1mil), Sasha and Left over Round Pick.

    Respect to my Laker Nation!!! Holla….