Kobe’s “new” message

The Associated Press has put out a story that claims to have new quotes from Kobe off his web site. Well, they’re not new at all. It’s the same comments he posted on May 30, but for some reason whoever operates his page keeps putting an updated date on the blog. If you click the post, on this blog, titled “Kobe’s lastest TRUTH,” you’ll get the exact same message that the AP is claiming to be new.

This thing couldn’t possibly be any more of a circus. The sooner everyone realizes that Kobe isn’t going to be traded, and that all of this is just good talk-radio and headline material, the happier we will all be.

  • G_Man

    a Little harse E.P.

    As Rich was saying We really dont know the whole truth as of yet. This thing is way out of control and until I know for sure that Kobe REALLY wants out then Im holding back judgement. L.A. Times started this fiasco and if your reading any headlines on thier sports page, thier going to keep this going to keep people reading thier crappy newpaper. Ive been an L.A. sports fan all my life and believe me The Times has had it out for Kobe since West traded for him. Shaq gave them even more fuel, and if youve read any of thier articles about Kobe since the Shaq Trade they have all been negitive towards Bryant. Again until I hear it from the Horses mouth I aint buying none of it.

  • gdchild

    How can the AP be so ignorant to claim it’s new quotes? Don’t the sports writers covering news need at least some level of knowledge to the events?

    That’s why it’s often times hard to trust the news coverage.

  • confusedindianguy

    hey. that’s awesome. keep up the good reporting! this and kevin ding’s blog are both much better than the crappy la times one.

  • Charles

    What do you gouys think of this deal? Assuming we don’t keep Kobe.

    Caron Butler + Gilbert Arenas = Kobe
    Kwame and a 1st or 2nd Round Pick, or Give up B.Cook or Sasha (Jerry West isn’t there anymore)
    Sign Jamaal Magloire to MLE and Chris Mihm to Veteran’s minumum.

    Starting line up: Arenas, Butler, Odom, Gasol, Magloire
    Backup: Farmar, Evans, Radmanovich, Turiaf, Mihm

    Holla Back Laker Nation…


  • jonjay

    as i think and go over what this mess going around, i came to realize that all these things are blessings in disguise not only to the GM, to Dr. Buss, to Kobe but as well as to the whole organization.

    why? as individuals, whether we are the GM, owner, player, coach or anybody as member of the organization we all have our part to do. we have specific tasks and jobs enshrined with our line of work. with this mess and in reality, this serves as an eye opener most especially to the GM and to the team owner. for sure, they had forgotten what they really have to do because they have been busy with something else. they lost their focus to the team. and they should have been grateful to kobe for what he was doing. where can you find a player that meddles with FO affairs? he may mingling with others job but he just wants to show his concerns to the team and to the organization as a whole. he just want to make this organization very succesful. i just hope that kobe is not taken out of context with this. as for kobe, this is also a blessing to him in the sense that he may have good aspirations for the team but still there is still a GM and an owner in existent and he must also show complacency in his actions in the future.

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