Kobe in Hollywood

Kobe Bryant made an appearance today at a Nike-sponsored event in Hollywood designed to promote the company’s newest project: the construction of playgrounds/fields around the greater Southern California area. Kobe was the headliner, following Serena Williams and skater Paul Rodriguez Jr., and the 200 or so kids on hand were thrilled to see him. Kobe slapped hands with the kids after he finished speaking, but unfortunately the kids didn’t get any closer to finding out what Kobe thinks of the Lakers these days.

Every time a question was asked that was…well, interesting, one of Kobe’s “people” pulled him away. He said, two or three times, that he didn’t want to talk about his situation and instructed reporters to “call Mitch Kupchak” instead. Right-o. Kobe expressed empathy for Derek Fisher, who he described as a good friend, but wouldn’t comment, even in a general sense, as to whether he would be pleased if the Lakers signed Fisher.

Chances are you’ll see Kobe on the news tonight, talking about playgrounds.