Jermaine Loves L.A.

While at a charity basketball game in Los Angeles this weekend, Jermaine O’Neal told that he wants to be a Laker.
“I would welcome a trade to the Lakers,” O’Neal told “Indiana has given me the opportunity to establish myself as a really good player in this league, but they’re into rebuilding and going really young, and I’m just not in a position physically to go through another five to six years with a lot of losses and a lot of down time.”

The full story is available here. As a follow-up, O’Neal’s agent, Arn Tellem, told The Associated Press that O’Neal hasn’t requested a trade to the Lakers.

Looks like it’s time to fire up those trade rumors again…

  • smacc

    well o’neal is okie..but if the pacers want odom , bynum , and cook. no thnk you, because jermaine o’neal is not that special.

  • vlad

    LA need nice gard like Artest. Trade Fish, Kuck, Sasha for Artest.

  • gdchild

    Of course not LO + Bynum.

    It’s time for Mitch to wave his magic wand.

  • Emann

    Its time to make this team better, and Kobe happy. We need to say goodbye to Odom, Bynum, and Walton, and say hello to J.O’neal, and maybe Jason Kidd if possible.

  • pasryck

    O’Neal missed 82 games in three seasons, that is just a little bit better then Shaq. Come on Kobe and LA Fans, give Bynum a chance… he is only 20. You know why most centers don’t do well their first few years in the league? Because they go from college (maybe 35 games) to the pro ranks (at least 90 games including preseason). This kid went from HS (maybe 22 games) that is quite an adjustment. If Jabbar says this kid could be a force (you remember Jabbar… Hall of Famer, all time leading scorer, one of the greatest Centers of all time, 5 time NBA champ with the lakers?) I believe him! The Celtics may have 3 or 4 year window (Garnett is 32 and I am pretty sure Allen is older) for a Championship. I really don’t think O’Neal at 28 has the body to handle (even minus Garnett) the West power forwards and Centers. My question to Kobe is this… Do you want a 3 or 4 year chance at a championship or can you be patient for 1-3 years (I believe 2 at the most)for a chance to win (I believe)the next 6 out of the next 8 years.? I guess another good question to Kobe would be… Kobe, do you want 6 rings (just like Jordan) and only be considered as good as him? Or would you like the chance at maybe 9 rings (like many Celtics of the sixties and seventies) and be classified as the greatest and most successful NBA player of all time? The ball is in your court Kobe! Are you going to pass score or turn it over?

  • kobe08

    Kobe just remember youre still our # 1 nba star. I named my son Kobe bec. of you. I was your #1 fan since you came into the Lakers

  • davy

    Well, tere’s no way that the lakers are parting ways with odom, o’neal is slightly overrated, a big three of KB, odom and JO will just fine, championship? well it depends on how JO is going to bring to the table.
    But hey, with Mitch on board, nothing is likely to happen, if nothing is done when training camp starts, Kobe will have all the rights in the world to ask out.( I can’t believe I just said it).

  • tuba

    As long as Mccupcake is GM we should not expect nothing more than another first round and out season. If you do, you’re a fool. Since J. West left we should of known the winning ways were going to come to and end sooner than later. I only hope for one trade and that is in the G.M. position

  • soti24787

    i just wante to ask is jermaine really going to go to the lakers.beacuse it doesnt look like lakers are giving up odom or brown and defently not bynum

  • Tuff-tony

    All u lakers fans are in need of some grammer review! Please get some tutoring,your pathetic.
    The sixers are #1 fools.

  • aka_USAPA

    Grammer? LMAO! Before you attempt to make corrections, maybe you should learn to use a dictionary.


    Guys it appears that all of us Laker/Kobe fans are in for a big disappointment. All the body language and signs point to Kobe holding out and not joining our beloved franchise during training camp. I just don’t think the FO and owners have exerted enough energy and money into getting us the much needed help we need to elevate the Lakers back to being a contender.

  • http://SDLaker john lamorie

    We need Oneal. He’s better than what we got. Trade Bynum and Cook and a 2nd rdr if needed.