Lakers sign center

The Lakers today signed center Larry Turner, who played with their summer-league team. Turner is 6-foot-11 and averaged 5.8 points and 6.1 rebounds during his senior season at Tennessee State. Turner also averaged 7.4 points and 5.2 rebounds during the summer league in Las Vegas.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that changes everything. Start fitting for the rings.

  • John Barry

    This is the move that will put us over the top. Way to go Mitch.

  • Jim Morey

    So does this open the door for Kwame Brown to move somewhere else? With the resigning of Mihm, Bynum under contract, and now this guy Turner, let’s HOPE that the Lakers package Brown with some other throw in contracts and get Jason Kidd !!!

  • Anonymous


  • Pug

    I’m sure Kobe hasn’t been this excited since Mitch signed Marcus Douthit.

  • sccit

    whats the chances he makes the roster?

  • b4hoops

    This signing is probably just to get another live body at the C/PF position for training camp. This guy’s college scoring and rebounding averages and what little I saw of him in the summer league, doesn’t indicate that he has any shot at making the final 15 Lakers squad this season.

  • Jim Mack

    When are the Lakers going to do anything meaningful to improve their team. A great start wouuld be to fire the road block they call a General Manager.(Mitch Cupcake).

  • Rich Hammond

    I would tend to agree with b4hoops. No offense to the kid, but he has D-League written all over him.

    Wow, a Marcus Douthit reference!

  • bob

    seems like mitch wants to compete against mchale and Isaiah for worst GM in the league. if he can only get rid of kwame and cook for someone decent, maybe that will change his course.

  • Roger

    Man who is this fool? Kobe needs help bad! Mitch you suck, just step down!

  • freddy

    hey, what about trading kwame and bynum and another player for jermaine oneal or kidd or a major player. come on lakers do something exciting for us laker fans.

  • kris

    thanks mitch. somebody new to warm the bench and give kobe a high five. solid work.

  • carlos ruiz

    Im sure glad the Lakers didnt let the Celtics take all the pub in the press this summer and finally got someone else to watch Kobe do all the work…..This is becoming embarrasing.LARRY WHO!!!!!!!

  • jose

    This guy will not make the team. He’ll end up in the Developmental League. We need players for that league you know so he’ll develop there. Stop making a big deal about this signing.

  • MIKE

    hey!Mitch can kiss my .ss, I hope he stays in vacation forever and never think of coming back to LA cause u suck dude.

  • MIKE

    Hey!mitch make something happen if not for Kobe at least for your self man,cause right now your looking bad like a dumb @ss.

  • christopher

    ive been a laker fan since 1998 and they did good until 2004. what the heck happened????????!!!!!!!!????? i think the lakers should try to make a trade for a big superstar that can add to lamar and kobe. Try jermaine oneal, amare stoudamire, jian lian that chinese dude, or maybe even rasheed wallace. just make a good deal before kobe makes a decision for good and leaves.

  • Paul

    NICE! This is the kind of innovative, out-of-the-box, and daring moves that the Lakers front office needs to make a run at the championship this season.

  • victor

    dude i rather have this guy turner then cry baby kobe, if he wants to leave then leave stop bitching and play.

  • calvinbarthel

    Who hired Mitch. Iam real laker fan, he had an oppportunity, to sign Ron Artest, jason kidd, and Jermaine Oneal, and didnt.
    Mitch has a make the Lakers a contender to sign
    oneal, whats stopping him. By the way, lets not forget
    Chris Weber.

  • tazz

    get the banner ready dude this is what we just need another superstar signing

  • Christopher Burrows

    bahamas fan , let mitch go please and help the lakers live again

  • john

    If y’all think the Lakers’ decision not to pull the trigger on the Kidd/Bynum trade was Mitch’s to make, you need to pull your head out of your asses. These things happen when large non-basketball ego’s start making basketball decisions. When people start thinking they’re a genius for inheriting something. Mitch does what he can within the context of what little-Buss lets him.

  • MIke

    Hey Paul what are you a dumbass. If the Lakers lose Kobe they might as well not play at all. Kobe is the lakers, without him they turn into the bobcats

  • The Dude

    Love it! As a lifelong Laker hater, it’s good to see them slowly going down the path to obscurity. Keep it up!

  • Laker4Life

    This could be the start of major movement or nothing at all. If the O’neil trade is going down, we need backup to replace brown and bynum. Let’s hope Mitch is actually doing something postitive for the first time since…… oh yeah, it’ll be a first!

  • raymondwright

    please let brown and byumn go and get j-o so kobe can have some inside help and send mitch ass some were else the lakers do not need him go and get jerry west

  • Timothy Merritt

    Mitch needs to be fired maybe a couple of weeks ago. We need to hire someone anyone to come in that knows that the hell it is that they are doing, Mitch just simply has no clue. Jerry Buss do you even give a damn about the lakers anymore? If not then it may be time to sell them to maybe Magic or someone who will care at all.

  • bart

    Mitch is makin my day! Moved to jersey back in feb, and it’s lookin like the kob may be hot on my heels! go mitch

  • TY

    Signing Larry Turner means the Lakers now have 16 players on the payroll. Who is being cut then or does this mean the Lakers will trade two for one, such as Bynum and Odom for O’Neal or Bynum and Walton for Kidd?

  • Robert Pinon

    Kwame Brown,Luke Walton,adn future draft picks and for Some $$$ for Jermaine O’neal

  • Anonymous

    A big mistake his game is not worth writting about.If he dose not get traded I will have to wonder about Jeanies loyalty is to the team or to her fathers wallet. Depending on his production