• Ward Minnis

    A or B. D is tempting though…

  • vance

    JO’s not worth it unless he can play with LO.

    A) Bynum and Brown.

  • SomeCallMeTim

    (A) only. ESPN had a column a while ago in which someone mentioned that a GM had told him that, if he ran the Lakers, he wouldn’t trade Odom for O’Neal straight up. Odom plus Bynum is a joke.

  • Rick


  • LAKER 4 Life


    cuz brown and bynum don’t score 18 points a game
    keep lamar odom cuz he got dat 3ple double and score 20 pointz or 15…
    it’s gon be a good combination
    lamar and jermaine.

  • TY

    None of the above. I will trade Bynum and Walton for O’Neal and keep Odom as small forward for a Bryant, Odom, O’Neal trio.

  • vladi

    trade Kobe

  • Charles

    A) Kobe, LO, and Jo is worth trying!

  • http://www.lakertime.blogspot.com lakertime

    bynum and brown is the only package worth giving up. and really the only package that is fair value for an over paid, injury prone jermaine oneal. bynum, brown, farmar, cook, and a future number 1 is a package that larry bird should be jumping at. http://www.lakertime.blogspot.com

  • JV

    i’d do ‘A’ – with a kicker. throw in a draft pick there and it should be enough; odom-for-o’neal should’ve been enough in the first place… i just don’t know where larry is coming from asking bynum&lamar for JO.

  • Jimbo

    A is the best choice from the list. But this trade will never happen. We are talking about Larry Bird here. He would NEVER contribute to make the Lakers a contender. Why do you think Mchale stacked the Celtics (and sabotaged Timberwolves)? To keep Garnett from the Lakers. These are Celtic soldiers we are talking about. Their hatred for the Lakers runs deep.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2007/08/reader_poll.html VC

    I agree with Jimbo. The Celtics alumni are so hateful of helping anything to do with Lakers that they will never lift a finger to assist, even to their team’s detriment. Most NBA GMs feel the same, even if they are not former Celtics. Kinda like all the constant Yankee haters out there! Hard to believe the Timberwolves ownership is not asleep at the switch to allow McHale to do the unbelievably poor Celtic trade.

  • jim tite

    keep kobe,l.o.,walton,fisher,andfarmar the rest are trade bait.one center is as good as the next except bynum who always looks like a deer in the headlights.the real problem wiyh the lakers is kupcheck and jim buss

  • gdchild

    None of the above.

    Kwame and fillers.

    But Bird won’t do a trade with the Lakers unless it’s to gut our team.

  • Tyler

    My first preference would be to give up Bynum and Kwame.

    If not, then Odom and Bynum for JO is not bad, I think. We have good enough roleplayers surrounding them, that I think we could compete. It would give us an excellent defensive duo with JO, Kobe, Kwame. And good enough roleplayers in Walton, Fisher, Cook, Ronny, Radmanovic. We wouldn’t be in such bad shape.

  • Chen

    None of those… I wanted Kidd… Trade Bynum’s a$$ off to NJ.

  • Mike

    D- and keep Kobe. Run with the team, pray for health and play out your cards for two years. If the team stays healthy and makes some minor adjustments to the roster, and Bynum and Crittenton develop then Kobe might be feeling good about sticking around; and we have a future. If you trade away Bynum then Kobe leaves anyways because we’ll have no chance, and the lakers become like Boston and Chicago over the last 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Wiyh out even thinking about it I would trade Brown by himself for Oneal.Only because he is injury prone. Asking for more than that is insane.