Chris Mihm at media day

Here’s what healthy center Chris Mihm had to say at media day…

(Q: How is your health?)
I’m excited now. I’m healthy and ready to go into another training camp here.

(Q: Is this the first time you’ve felt 100 percent in how long?)
A long time. It’s been a long time. I think it was two Aprils ago that I originally injured the ankle. It’s been two surgeries and a long battle here, to figure the ankle out and then to get it healthy. So I’ve been plugging away all summer, working hard with rehab and training to get ready for camp. It’s a long road. Hopefully this is the end of it and I’m ready to go for next season.

(Q: Was there a moment when you said, `Hey it finally feels good’?)
There was. The first time I really got onto the court and went through an hour-and-a-half basketball workout and my foot wasn’t absolutely screaming afterwards, it was a good feeling. It has been a long time since I had been able to sustain activity on it and feel confident about the ankle.

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  • Michael C. Teniente

    Welcome back Chris! Hope you stay healthy.