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This should do it for today’s Media Day coverage. Thanks to Ramona Shelburne for contributing these items on Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown.

Check back on this blog for daily updates from Hawaii this week as the Lakers get started with their 2007 training camp…

B for Bynum: Andrew Bynum got a “B” in his History of Young America course at LMU this summer. He said it covered American history from 1500-1900.

“We did like 400 years in 3 weeks,” Bynum said. “The first day of class, they gave me two books to read and two papers to write.”

Bynum said he was planning to take an online course during the season and eventually wants to earn his college degree.

“I want to get a degree, but it’s going to take like 12 years,” he joked.

He also said he’d worked with a personal trainer this offseason in response to the things coach Phil Jackson and general manager Mitch Kupchak had asked him to improve on at the end of the year. Basically, his strength, endurance and conditioning.

Getting closer: Kwame Brown said his shoulder is feeling good, but his ankle is still on the mend. He said he may need to ease back into things slowly, but expected to be ready for the season opener. He doesn’t want to push it with the ankle because if he does too much, he could hurt it again.

The biggest thing he needs to work on this year?

“I just feel a responsibility to play more games,” Brown said. “I only played in 41 last year and I think it hurt us. Hopefully I can play all 82 this year because we’re definitely a better team with me in there.”

He also said he’s open to playing the 4 this year, though he’s still more comfortable playing the 5.

“We haven’t talked about it, but I’ve thought about it because we have 3-4 centers on the team now,” Brown said. “If they ask me to play there (power forward), I’m open to it.”