Kwame Brown quotes

Here’s what Kwame Brown had to say to the media today, regarding his playing status and the return of Kobe Bryant to practice…

Q: Can you go tomorrow?
BROWN: I don’t know. Me and Gary (Vitti) are going to talk tomorrow and make a game-time decision.

Q: You’ve got to want to play, right?
BROWN: Yeah, but also I’ve got to be smart. I had a couple good practices. Who knows? I feel good but I want to feel great. I want to feel good for the start of the season. But I do know I need some game experience and some timing to get myself right, instead of doing it during the season.

Q: What was it like having Kobe back out there today for practice?
BROWN: It was good. He was out there smiling and looking good and coaching guys on, so that’s what we need. Hopefully they can work it out upstairs and he can get back down here with us.

Q: Does all of this stuff affect you guys at all?
BROWN: We didn’t know what was going on. We found out when you guys found out. Like I said, hopefully they can handle that upstairs. We all are going to keep staying focused and carrying the workload until he gets back.

Q: It’s got to be a distraction though, doesn’t it?
BROWN: It’s not a distraction because, like I said, we didn’t know what was going on. We just thought he was resting his knees, that his knees were a little sore. We’re hoping that they’re going to work it out and he’s going to be back with us.

Q: Has he said anything to you guys, in terms of `Hey, this is where I’m coming from’?
BROWN: No. Those guys are definitely going to keep it in-house and they’re going to be smart about it. Whatever decision they make, they’re going to make it in-house.

Q: Do you expect Kobe to play tomorrow night? Did you guys get any indication?
BROWN: Yeah, he was out here working, so hopefully that means he’s going to play. We definitely want him to play and we need him to play, so hopefully that means he’s going to play.

Q: If you don’t play tomorrow, are you looking at this weekend? Saturday or Sunday?
BROWN: I don’t know. I’ve just been going on a day-by-day thing. My thing is the recovery. It’s always the next thing. I just feel great today and I’m still loose. With the type of surgery I had, it’s always the next day, how you feel, so I don’t want to overdue it in the preseason.

Q: How many days have you done contact (practices)?
BROWN: This is my second day. So I don’t want to jump the gun. That’s only two days, after sitting out for a week.

Q: How does it feel?
BROWN: It feels good. The swelling is down the second day. I’ve done contact, and no swelling the next day. Hopefully, if I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling good after the practice… we’ll see.

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  • Michael Teniente

    Good reporting. I appreciate the work you do.