The latest from Camp Kobe

It’s all Kobe, all the time in El Segundo.

Is his car here? Is he practicing? Is he playing tomorrow? Is he talking? What’s in his locker? What does he think about the Colorado Rockies, or Iran’s possible nuclear development?

The answers, in order, are: yes, yes, likely yes, no, probably some smelly socks and…I don’t really know.

According to Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant most likely will play tomorrow night in Bakersfield against Seattle. Bryant practiced for the majority of the session but was on the sidelines by the time media was allowed in the gym. He declined to speak with reporters after practice, perhaps because his Hired Help wasn’t there to assist.

Jackson declined to go into specifics, such as how many minutes Bryant would play. Some of the other Lakers said the situation hasn’t been a distraction, but at the same time admitted that they don’t really know what’s going on with Bryant on a day-to-day basis.

Chris Mihm had to leave practice early with a busted lip, reportedly courtesy of Kwame Brown’s elbow.

Quotes to follow, from Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and Kwame Brown…

  • Ryan Parker

    I created a song/video regarding the possible trade of Kobe Bryant from the Lakers that I would like for you to watch. I think it is a pretty humorous take of my opinion on what the Lakers should do. Let me know what you think if you get a chance.