Lamar says Phil’s contract extension is “awesome”

Hey folks,

Ramona Shelburne here, filling in for our fearless blogger Rich Hammond, who has moved up a chair tonight to give Elliott Teaford a much-deserved night off before the Lakers hit the road.

The big story this evening was Phil Jackson’s decision to sign a two-year contract extension and everyone had an opinion.

Lamar Odom called the news, “awesome.”

“He’s a championship coach,” Odom said. “He’s got a lot of insight, a lot of wisdom. His record speaks for itself.”

Asked whether he was surprised Phil decided to coach another two years after all the health issues he’s dealt with the last couple of years, Odom said, “It makes sense to me. His mentor (Tex Winter) is 80-something years old and he’s still got a lot of energy.”