Kobe’s injury

Kobe Bryant injured some part of his leg in the fourth quarter tonight. Depending on the source being asked, it’s either his quad (Bryant) or his groin (the Lakers). Regardless, as you’ll see in the game story, Bryant missed the crucial stretch of the fourth quarter. Given the time constraints — the NBA bows to thee, oh mighty ESPN — I wasn’t able to get Kobe quotes in the story, but here’s what he told The Associated Press:

“It felt like a little tweak, and I tried to shake it off and stretch it out,” Bryant said. “As soon as I took off running, it felt like I was shot in the leg.”

Bryant said he would play Sunday against the Clippers. One other good quote…somebody asked Kobe whether this loss meant the Lakers now had a real rivalry with the Warriors.

“This is nothing. This is like slap-boxing,” Bryant said. “For a real rivalry, you have to match up in the playoffs. The regular season is nothing.”

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  • Jeffs Aho

    Kobe shot the Lakers out of contention yesterday. It’s hard for any team, let alone one that is trying to gel, to withstand a 6-23 shooting night from the so-called best player in the league.

    Glad to see the best player in the league take those jumpers at the end of the game going solo even though he was struggling from the floor. One would assume the best player in the league would recognize the fact that the Warrior were out of fouls early in the 4th and would take advantage by taking the ball to the rim.

    This is the type of game, along with losses to Nets, Bucks, Rockets, that one would assume by having the best player in the league that the Lakers would either hold the lead (like against Warriors by playing smart basketball and not heave jumpshots which lead to fastbreak opportunities) or squeeze out a win because of a game winning shot by the best player in the league.

    The moniker definitely doesn’t suit Bryant anymore. He has no lift in his legs for shots. He was playing stellar defense earlier in the season, but it’s fallen off dramatically since the 5th game. His shot comes and goes and that’s not really good enough for the best player in the game. In order to be the best, one has to demonstrate consistency.

    And Bryant has shown consistency. Consistency in making some bone-headed plays for somebody that’s been in the league for over 11 years. Bryant can’t lead. The Lakers are better off trading him, even though the Bulls package is very unappealing. Better get something fast.

    Because Bryant’s going down fast. Body deteriorating. No lift on shots. Can’t blow by anybody to the rim so has to settle for inaccurate jumpshot. For somebody who takes thousands and thousands of practice shots, Bryant doesn’t shoot that high of a percentage.

    In fact, a lot of Lakers fans find watching the bench mob players much more appealing. Good defensive energy. Run the offense. Play as a team. A lot of people are sick of watch Bryant dribble the air out of the ball and take a contested jumpshot. Sure, it might look pretty. Sure, it might look slick. But it’s still worth only 2 points. Efficiency is the name of the game and Bryant still hasn’t got a clue.

    And he never will.

    -Jeffs Aho

  • Sam

    I believe that Lamar Odom was fouled on the last play of the game and should have gone to the line for two shots. The Warriors players got away with many fouls in the 4th quarter, especially Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson. Kobe’s injury appeared to happen when he was spinning on the baseline and Jackson put a knee into his lower body (either quadricep or groin). What is really dismaying is how the Warriors were complaining to the refs about foul calls that were obvious. Being a sorry team is probably why they get such treatment.

  • Anonymous

    kobe sucks