Ariza fitting in

The Lakers’ second unit is on the court, three minutes into the second quarter, and Trevor Ariza is included. Ariza has been slow in fitting in since arriving from Orlando, mostly because coach Phil Jackson has wanted to find the right place for him and not disrupt a second unit that has been strong. Ariza has been impressive in limited action. His defense is strong and he’s a versatile player who isn’t afraid to attack the basket, especially on the baseline. Here’s what Jackson had to say about Ariza, and his acclimation to the Lakers, before tonight’s game:

“There was a little hesitation that I felt he had in the offense. He didn’t feel real comfortable out there offensively and I set his minutes a little different. I wanted him to play with the group that he felt most comfortable with offensively. and keep that second unit intact because of the way they move the ball.”