Kobe talks Chicago

Guess what? There were a couple questions for Kobe Bryant in Chicago today. Go figure! Kudos to Bryant for stepping up and at least answering the questions, rather than hiding in the trainer’s room. And he actually said something fairly interesting to people not holding ESPN microphones!

Here’s what Kobe had to say just about an hour ago, courtesy of our man Elliott Teaford in Chicago:

Kobe Bryant on whether hes pleased how things turned out:
Ive been really pleased with how hard everyones been working. We talked about in training camp everyone had to bring effort every single day. What you see on the court is the result of stuff guys worked on day in and day out.

Kobe on leading by example:
What I try to do is let them know my mind is on winning a championship. Once that tone was set everyone understood that.

Kobe on deciding against holding out and forcing a trade:
I just go about it in a professional way. I just love playing so much. My teammates, were like brothers. We all get along extremely well, so it would very unfair to them to do something like that. I love playing so much I couldnt do it. Im like a basketball junkie.

Kobe on what attracted him to playing in Chicago:
Pizza. Deep-dish pizza.

Kobe on sticking with the Lakers:
Im having a great time. Were playing well. Were enjoying each others company and that makes it that much more fun.

Kobe on the fans chanting his name at the United Center earlier in the season:
A couple of my friends played against the Bulls when that took place and they called me after the game. Thats something thats just crazy.

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