Phil talks Chicago

Here’s what Phil Jackson had to say about returning to Chicago, where he won the first six of his nine NBA championships as a coach:

Phil Jackson on returning to Chicago:
Theres still a lot of warm-fuzzy feelings. Not one specific thing (popped into his head), its just the look of the place. The emergence of Michael Jordan. The team wanted to do well. That was a big key. There were pieces that came together in the late 1980s. Probably the trade for Bill Cartwright.

Phil on Kobe playing in Chicago after the trade talk:
There will be some emotions about it. Im not sure how its going to go. Im sure he wants to do well. He got Chicago fever there for a little bit. He actually had a desire to be here and tried to fulfill that. It was an awful longshot from the beginning. Its just difficult to work those things out. Very hard.