No, it’s not the Catalan pronunciation of Ru-Paul, but it could be the Laker front court tandem once Bynum recovers. Jackson was asked about the possibility after Saturday night’s game.

“Thats still to be known,” he said. “We wont know until theyre on the court together how well they play. Pao has an outside shot. Guys have to play him out there. He can play the wing position, I think, quite comfortably. I think they can play in tandem for a considerable amount of time. Still the wait is for Andrew to be right. Thats the luxury that Pau gives us now.”

Translation: let’s see San Antonio deal with that.

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  • mike

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Phil put Kobe, Vlad, Lamar, Andrew, and Pau all on the floor together for awhile, just to screw with other teams?