Kobe didn’t this coming either

At times, you can almost see Kobe’s eyes begin to roll before a question’s even been asked. Especially if the word “Shaq” is in it.
But he turned out to be rather reflective after Saturday night’s game when he was asked if last summer, amidst all the drama, if he ever envisioned it all working out like this — the Lakers looking like the team to beat in the Western Conference.[ep
“Not at all,” he said. I think they had me buying Oprahs penthouse or Michaels house in
Chicago. No, I didnt envision this. Absolutely not. It worked out
for the best. I didnt want to leave here. It’s just circumstances being what
they were, it was very difficult to see myself still being here.
Everything happens for a reason, and Im very thankful that things worked out

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