Phil on Kobe’s ejection

Here’s how Phil Jackson saw the ejection of Kobe by referee Brian Forte, the son of long-time NBA official Joe Forte, courtesy of beat writer Elliott Teaford:

You dont know what the action was down there, but there were a
couple of situations where we got caught in the position where guys were
coming over the back, and we were complaining about it at halftime,
about rebound situations that were not called. Seattle is an aggressive
team. Theyre going to go get those balls if theyre free.

I told (Bryant) he shouldnt jump on Junior. His dad might carry a
grudge against him. Thats nepotism in our league. Thats Joe
Fortes son. Hes got a little bit of the red-ass as we say.

The same way David Stern gets a little bit of the red-ass when the integrity of NBA referees — gamblers, aside — is called into question. Phil’s wallet will no doubt be lighter in the next day or two.

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  • Totally agreed on Phil’s going to get fined. Thanks for the updates you’ve been doing, it’s nice to see some activity from this site again.

  • Anonymous

    No fine for PJ