Phil on the Warriors

The Lakers are locked in another tight game with the Warriors, 95-91 with nine minutes to go at the time of this posting. And if the standings don’t change much in the final few weeks of the season, L.A. could be seeing a lot more of the Warriors come playoff time.

So what does Phil Jackson think of Don Nelson’s bunch?

Before the game he was asked about Golden State’s high-octane offense:

Creative? I dont know what that means. Spontaneous? Yeah. Theres a lot of spontaneity in their game, but a lot of it is just basic basketball. Thats one thing (Don Nelson) does very well is allow his guys to play a very simple form of basketball, which gives them a lot of energy to play with so they dont have to remember a lot of stuff. They just do some stuff thats basic to the game. Pass and cut. I think they play with better energy that way some times. There are some wrinkles that you have to be prepared for, and thats one of the reasons hes been a surprise coach in the first round.

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