Quiet Kobe

Kobe Bryant had nothing to say about his ejection from the Lakers’ loss Wednesday to Charlotte. He left the El Segundo practice facility without speaking to reporters. He also didn’t talk after the game.
He has a league-leading 15 technical fouls this season. One more and he’ll have to serve a one-game suspension.
Phil Jackson didn’t have much to say either, but he did offer a mild defense of Bryant, who was ejected from a game for the second time in as many months. Jackson defended Bryant’s routine of passing the ball to referees by kicking it over to them soccer-style.
“He did not intentionally or to any degree think in any way that he was going to get that last technical,” Jackson told reporters. “He’s kind of punted the ball over to the referees for about the last week and a half. This one, the referee just wasn’t going to take it.”