House of horrors

Phil Jackson shared a few thoughts after Thursday’s practice on the Lakers’ lackluster play at home of late. He put some of the blame on Staples Center, which wasn’t the first time he’s taken a few shots at the dark and uninviting downtown arena. Recently, he said the Lakers don’t have an advantage at home because they share the building with the Clippers and opponents have grown comfortable playing there.
Anyway, here’s Jackson’s rant:
“We have a terrific road record (25-13). I’m not pleased with our home record (24-10) at all. It could just be Staples itself. The building, the familiarity, the way you have to drive there — all those kinds of things. Guys are tired of going down there and playing. It’s a dingy, dirty kind of place. I think there’s methane gas or something in the building.”