Nuggets stranded on the 10 Freeway

This is Jill Painter here….
Just thought I’d post an interesting tidbit on the Denver Nuggets wild ride to Staples Center this morning. The Nuggets bus broke down, and players said they heard a pop, then saw smoke and some flames. They quickly got off the bus but had to stand on the freeway near an offramp for 30 minutes before the second team bus picked them up.
“You had a bunch of 7-foot guys on the rail on the highway, Marcus Camby said. “We were just hoping nobody got hurt.
Camby said a police officer arrived before the bus, which helped matters.
Asked if cars were honking their horns, Camby said: “They were kinda rude. It was like, `Get out of our way.’ It was definitely out of our control.”
That certainly didn’t figure into Denver’s horrific defensive performance in a 128-114 loss to the Lakers in Game 1 of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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