Kerr says he wants D’Antoni back …

Interesting turn of events in Phoenix this afternoon. This morning,’s Jack McCallum reported that Mike D’Antoni would not be the Suns coach next year. And McCallum should know, having spent a whole season with the team during the 2005-06 season while writing the book, :07 Seconds or Less.

But this afternoon, reports out of Phoenix suggest it’s not a done deal yet.

“I’d like to see him back,” Kerr said. “I’d like to see us working together. It’s been well documented we have some different ideas and different approaches. And what we have to do is talk and communicate and make sure we can get on the same page in terms of how this organization can get better, how this team can get better.”

This might all be posturing though. D’Antoni is still owed a lot of money –$8.5 million over two years — and it would have to be paid if the Suns fired him. Seeing as how D’Antoni is a good coach, and would have several potential suitors if he became available, the Suns may just be hoping he finds another job and leaves.

His comments to reporters Wednesday suggest that might be exactly what happens.

“I think we’ve just got to talk and I’m not going to be able to sit here and explain, guys,” he said. “I hate to be abrupt but we’ll all sit down and talk and evaluate everything and see where we are. I’d love to go on but I’ll keep talking and kill myself.”