MVP in another way

I got a press release today from Hunter Payne, who works with Lakers reserve Ira Newble, to help promote awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur through an organization called Aid Still Required.

Payne wrote to remind everyone that one of the organizations best spokespeople is Kobe Bryant, who taped a public service announcement for the organization:

Click here to watch Bryant’s announcement.

He states: “In Darfur, hundreds of thousands have been murdered, mutilated, families torn apart……If we can unite people who are willing to take a stand, miracles can happen.”

Other NBA players involved with Aid Still Required include Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash, Derek Fisher, Luol Deng, Baron Davis, Emeka Okafor, Grant Hill and Ira Newble.

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  • Thanks for the post. Actually there are six Lakers officially involved with the Darfur outreach (Bryant, Newble, Fisher, Bynum, Ariza and Walton) and three others who’ve said they want to be. Also, the Lakers management has been very supportive. Lakers – Champs on and off the court!