Kobe’s MVP shirts already hot sellers…

It’s only been official for 24 hours now, but the NBAStore.com began selling a Kobe Bryant 2008 NBA MVP tee shirt and they are flying off the virtual shelves.

Since January, the Lakers have been the best selling team on NBAStore.com and the NBA Store in NYC. Since the beginning of the 2008 NBA Playoffs, sales of Lakers merchandise on NBAStore.com and at the NBA Store in NYC have had a combined triple digit sales increase vs. the same period last year. Since the beginning of the Playoffs, Kobe Bryant has been the best selling player at both stores.

Just how important is the Lakers success to the NBA?

The NBA Store on Fifth Avenue and NBAStore.com had their best April ever with a sales increase of 22% vs. last year. For the month of April, sales of 2008 NBA Playoffs and 2008 Division Championship merchandise at the NBA Store and NBAStore.com increased 90% vs. last year.

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