Facts and Figures

I came across a couple interesting stats today. According to Stats LLC, when the Lakers lead a playoff series 2-0, they are 35-1. The only time the Lakers have won the first two games of a series, then lost was 1968-69, when they lost to the Celtics in seven games.

Also, when the Jazz trails a playoff series, 0-2, it is 1-9 alltime. Recent history is a bit more kind. Utah beat the 2006-07 Rockets in seven games after trailing 0-2.

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  • Jeffs Aho

    A lot of the talk on the blog after the loss centered on Kobes game, whether his often isolation heavy play and missed shots cost the Lakers the game. I think thats way too strong an assessment. Kobes fourth-quarter play was a big part of the Lakers making a run and beyond that, its a team game. Unless its a game of one on one, no single player loses a basketball game. I do think, however, that its fair to question Kobes judgment down the stretch. I really admire how much pain he was willing to play through, but he also needed to recognize the physical limitations his bad back placed on him. Moreover, his teammates were hitting shots and moving the ball around is what got them back into it. Kobe went away from that too often and shifted into do it myself mode, even after it clearly wasnt working. He needed to accept the reality of his situation instead of fighting it. And while, again, this hardly lost the game for the Lakers, it played a role in them not winning it. – Andrew K. of LA Times Blog

    Written many times and even brought up within the past posts, Kobes decision making process is his greatness weakness. Its glaring. It showed its head in the most crucial moments again tonight. Like the 3 consecutive poor plays from Game 3, Game 4 was the same.

    Thats why Kobe fans can always chant MVP all day and all night long. It wont change the facts. Very very poor decision making by Kobe in OT.
    2-15 shooting in the 4th quarter and OT. Thats clutchness for you. Thank god for Lamars putback to tie the game.

    But who comes out and ruins the teams chances with high basketball IQ plays? You guessed it.

    Since it seems yours truly isnt the only person on this planet to think Kobes decision making process on the court has a lot left to be desired considering; hes the supposed best player on the planet, the supposed best player in the clutch (whens the last time he hit a game winning shot? Phoenix in the playoffs?), best closer and leader (2-15 shooting in 4th and OT), isnt it time for supposed Lakers fans (Kobe fan club) to take off the rose-colored lens and see and admit Kobes faults?

    Dont know when the Lakers are going to win another championship. Decision making is most important trait of a leader. And since we all know Kobes decision making process is piss-poor at best, what chances do the Lakers have?
    Written over and over again. Dont expect this problem to go away. The elephant in the room is always there. Covering your eyes doesnt mean its not there. Denial doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Unfortunately, for many, ignorance is bliss.
    This isnt the first, nor will it be the last when Kobes decision making process come at the Lakers expense.

    -Jeffs Aho

  • Morgan

    What about when the Lakers led the Suns 2-0 (going back to the Forum) and lost the series in ’93?

    You should probably add the proviso that this stat only applies to 7 game series.