Pierce’s torn loyalties

One of the interesting dynamics of this NBA Finals is how the image of these Celtics and Lakers are so vastly different than in years past. Boston’s Paul Pierce is actually a California boy, having grown up in Inglewood, just a few minutes from the Fabulous Forum.

Asked what this match-up meant to him, Pierce seemed genuinely torn:

“It means everything to Boston fans. To me, I think that’s what pretty much got me started in basketball, growing up in Los Angeles, watching the Lakers and the Celtics, and it’s ironic, just being a Celtic, growing up, now you’re playing against the Lakers in The Finals. As a kid, I hated the Celtics. I’m going back home to play against my team that I grew up watching.

“It’s a dream come true, man, just thinking about it. I think that rivalry really revolutionized the game of basketball, and now I’m a part of it.”