The skepticism on Pierce’s injury

There have been some pretty high-profile people who have questioned the severity of Paul Pierce’s knee injury in the third quarter of Game 1 last night.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson seemed a bit blase about it again today, saying:

“Well, if I’m not mistaken, I think Willis Reed missed a whole half and three quarters almost of a game and literally had to have a shot, a horse shot, three or four of them in his thigh to come back out and play. Paul got carried off and was back on his feet in a minute. I don’t know if the angels visited him at halftime or in that time-out period that he had or not, but he didn’t even limp when he came back out on the floor. I don’t know what was going on there. Was Oral Roberts back there in their locker room?
But he certainly carried some energy back on the floor for them. ”

So what do you think?

Was Paul Pierce faking?
Yes, all the talk of Red Auerbach’s pranks inspired him
No, come on! The guy heard a pop
Sort of. He heard a pop and freaked out. But realized quickly he was OK
No, and it’s insulting to even suggest it.
Doesn’t matter, it worked, didn’t it? free polls
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