Game 2 adjustments

For the first time during the playoffs, the Lakers are trailing in a series. They’ve had two days to make adjustments, two days to let that reality sink in, and more importantly, deal with it.

“I think there’s a sense of urgency,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “Less time to allow a player to adjust”

As for the adjustments the Lakers will make, look for changes in the way the Lakers rebound and attack Boston’s defense.

“We just tell your player that you have to adjust to the fact that they’re going ot come and meet you in the lane,” Jackson said. “ They’re going to be a hard jam and you have to brace yourself for that. We were pretty good against Utah, and obviously Utah came very hard.

It’s a team taht does go over the backs and rebounds. We got a lot of foul calls in that series, also, on Boozer and other guys coming over the backs. But this doesn’t look like theyr’e going to get the calls to we’re going to have to brace and do a little better job.”

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