How are you doing this morning?

How are you doing this morning?
Still in shock
Terrible. I couldn’t sleep all night
Moving on, just bought some Dodgers tickets
I took Kobe’s advice and all it got me was a headache
I’m fired up. This ain’t over. Bring it on!
If Bynum was healthy this wouldn’t have happened free polls

Also, if you’re still looking for answers, or commiseration, head over to Kevin Modesti’s blog and sound off in his look back on Game 4

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  • Tom Brady

    I’m not sure what’s sweeter, an historic comback by the Celtics or to see Kobe’s boys CHOKE. Oh wait, I saw both. We’ll let you win on Sunday so you chumps have to fly back east to have your A** handed to you!

  • Dennis Poirier

    I slept very well. The best team in the NBA is up 3-1.
    The Boston Celtics.

  • Marc from MA

    I think it is ridiculous when fans start talking trash because “their” team won. I didn’t see any fans on the court making baskets. I say this, by the way, as a long-time (20+ years) hard-core Celtics fan. That was a fantastic game, but leave the trash talking to the players.