No practice today

For either team…

The Celtics decision was easy to explain. First of all, they won last night and lead the series 3-1 so they’ve obviously been doing a lot right. Second, half the team is hurt.

But here’s what Phil Jackson had to say about why he cancelled Lakers practice today:

“You know, just in the checking out how the guys were and how they felt, I just felt it was a good idea. We have to two days to work on things we need to work on. We have guys that are well-conditioned at this time, and we need rest and recuperation in this situation, probably more psychologically than we do physically.

“These young men are really resilient. That’s one of the things I think I mentioned last night. I don’t think there’s any doubt that if we had to play this morning, we probably wouldn’t feel that great about playing this morning, but fortunately we’re not playing until Sunday, and we’ll be back ready to go on Sunday.

“I just told them as a team, they had their heart ripped out. It’s tough to recover from that, but they will. This thing is not over, and we want to force the action, want to continue to force the play.”

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