Kobe’s future

Saturday at practice, Kobe Bryant was asked about his future, whether he now intended to be a “Laker for life” or whether he still plans to opt out of his contract after next season. Here’s what he said:

Q. Kobe, there’s been all this attention on all your gestures and, you know, what they mean for your relationships with your teammates. In that context, can you say, you know, is it still your position that you want to stay with the Lakers, and if they were to offer an extension this summer, would you sign it?

KOBE BRYANT: First of all, you’re talking like the season is over. You see what I’m saying? So like for me to even answer that question and speculate what’s going to happen this summer, this season ain’t over. It’s far from over. So for me to talk about that would be acknowledging defeat, and that’s something I just don’t do.

Q. I only bring it up in the sense that can you explain what the relationship is, with the gestures, if you seem to be angry with them sometimes? What is the relationship?

KOBE BRYANT: It’s — our relationship is great. I mean, I think people pay attention to it a lot more than you do when you lose than you do when you win. When you win it’s great leadership. When you lose, it’s — you’re a tyrant. You’ve got to take it and roll with it.

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