What next year might look like…

Here’s a quick look at the contract status of the current Lakers. The biggest issues, as I mentioned last night, are Odom, Vujacic and Turiaf.

Who should be back:

Derek Fisher: Signed through 2009-10 season

Kobe Bryant: On-board for next year, but can opt out of his contract in June of 2009.

Pau Gasol: Signed through 2010-11 season.

Jordan Farmar: Signed for next year, team option for 2009-10, restricted free agent after that.

Chris Mihm: Player option for next season. Coming off injuries makes him likely to stay.

Vladimir Radmanovic: Under contract for two more seasons, player option for a third. Hefty salary would make him hard to trade.

Luke Walton: Under contract for five more seasons, would be very difficult to move that contract after subpar year.

Andrew Bynum: Signed through next year, restricted free agent after that. Lakers will need to decide whether to offer a long-term extension.

Who might be back:

Lamar Odom: $14.1 million expiring contract makes him very attractive in trades.

Trevor Ariza: Player option for next year. Lakers love him and will likely want him to stay.

Sasha Vujacic: Restricted free agent. Lakers can match whatever another team offers. They probably will if the price is right.

Ronny Turiaf: Restricted free agent. Lakers like him, but he could get a big offer from another club (like Orlando, Toronto, Golden State) that needs and likes athletic post players.

Coby Karl: Lakers like him, but he barely played and might have to fight off competition from this year’s second-round draft pick.

Who probably won’t be back:

DJ Mbenga: Versatile big man will become a free agent, could end up anywhere.

Ira Newble: Never learned the offense to Phil Jackson’s satisfaction, though the Lakers could’ve used his defensive toughness in the Finals.

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