Kobe and Coach K together at last

In some alternate reality, Kobe Bryant would’ve played his college ball at Duke for Mike Krzyzweski –it’s where he committed out of Lower Merion High — but instead he jumped directly to the pros.

Bonus points to anyone who can name (without looking it up) where Bryant was drafted…

Eleven years later, they’re finally on the same team. Coach K being the head coach of Bryant’s USA Basketbal squad. Here’s what Kobe had to say about it as Team USA began its training camp in Las Vegas this weekend.

“It’s everything that I thought it would be, and more,” Bryant said. “When I was in high school, he was my number one choice, but I had to wait about 11 years or so to play for him. He is a great guy and an incredible coach. I’ve learned a lot from him already. He has a passion for the game, a respect for his players and above all else, he wants to see his players play well. And he wants to win. He communicates that beautifully to his players. He’s very clear on what he wants.”

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t he drafted at the #8 spot by Charlott then traded for Mr Flopper (Vlade)?

  • Ramona Shelburne

    So close! You got everything right except the spot he was drafted. It was the Charlotte Hornets at #13 overall of the 1996 draft

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Oh, and just for fun, here are the 12 guys drafted ahead of Bryant that year.

    1. Allen Iverson
    2. Marcus Camby
    3. Shareef Abdur Rahim
    4. Stephon Marbury
    5. Ray Allen
    6. Antoine Walker
    7. Lorenzen Wright
    8. Kerry Kittles
    9. Samaki Walker
    10. Erick Dampier
    11. Todd Fuller
    12. Vitaly Potapenko