Free agency!

Two events stand out in the first hours of free agency.
First, Golden State’s Baron Davis opts out of the final season of his deal, which prompts the question: Will the Clippers go after the former UCLA standout? Signing Davis certainly would be a sign that the Clippers are serious about winning. It might also persuade Elton Brand to sign a long-term deal with the Clippers. Brand opted out of the final season of his deal with the Clippers, but is expected to re-sign with the team.
Second, Sacramento’s Ron Artest decides to stick with the Kings for the final season of his deal (worth almost $8 million). Question: Does that mean there’s now zero chance he’ll end up with the Lakers? The Lakers sure could have used his muscle in the Finals against Boston. He was a visable presence in the arenas during the Finals, openly rooting for the Lakers and his longtime friend Lamar Odom. Artest and Odom played together in the famed AAU program at Riverside Church in New York as young men.

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