Free agency! Day II

Two days, two conspiracy theories.
First, with the Clippers having reached an agreement with Baron Davis, their next move is to strike a deal with Elton Brand.
If so, that will reinforce speculation that Davis opted out of his deal with Golden State because he already had an agreement to sign with the Clippers, which would be against the rules. Brand opted out of his deal with the Clippers because it would clear salary cap space for the team to do a deal with Davis. Brand could then re-sign with the Clippers, joining Davis and giving the franchise a marquee one-two punch.
Second, Ron Artest decided against opting out of his contract with Sacramento on Monday, then said Tuesday he might have made a mistake and wished he had decided to become a free agent.
Now, he can play the part of the disgruntled employee all summer and force the Kings to trade him to the Lakers, where he can play for a title contender and give his new team the physical presence they lacked during their loss to Boston in the NBA Finals.
For the record, there’s no actual evidence for either theory. Just plain old speculation.

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  • Anonymous

    pretty good theory. it’s a longshot, if the clip’s can get magette (sp) to re-sign too, they woould be pretty scary. Arterst to the lakers? interesting…