Dealing Artest?

The Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets and Miami Heat are expected to be among the teams interested in obtaining Ron Artest from the Sacramento Kings once the NBA’s dead period ends July 9. Kings general manager Geoff Petrie figures to receive plenty of calls about Artest and his expiring $7.4 millon contract, according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper. No reason to think Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak won’t call, too.

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  • josh

    Im a die hard Kings fan, and i hope we do make the trade. I have no idea what Petrie was thinking when we traded for Artest in the first place. He didnt even fit into our team…..I think if we trade off Artest we need to send off Kenny Thomas along with him…I think that would work out good for us. if we trade to the lakers we should get Odom.To Dallas we should get Josh Howard.Rockets we should get Bobby jackson and luther Head.If miami we should get Shawn Marion everyone knows we r looking for a star for our city. if we want to start building a team around someone Shawn Marion would be tat star!!!

  • anonymous

    I would love to get Ron Artest. I was just wondering who the lakers can offer for him? any ideas what would make this trade worthy for the kings and for the lakers?

  • Laker Fan 4 Life

    Please give away Luke aka Worthless Walton and Radmonawhack please, I don’t care if we get a WNBA Player in return they will atleast dive on the floor and score more than 20 points in a series!

  • lakerlove

    there is no way we trade odom 4 artest u crazy josh no marion maybe josh howard but salaries dont match we should give them vlad i think their salaries almost match

  • HMMM…


  • mr.b

    Come on mitch lets get the aggresive headbangers needed to seal the deal for the next few years do whatever it takes to get artest and posey like players and trade luke and radman to make salary room.