So just how bad was Paul Pierce’s knee injury?

The diagnosis is in:

According to the Boston Herald:

An MRI showed that there is no significant problem that will hinder the captain and NBA Finals MVP into next season.

“It’s what we thought all along,” Danny Ainge said. “He had a sprained MCL and a bone bruise, and he’ll be fine.”

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  • gotroy22

    He should get an Oscar for that acting job. What a faker.

  • SReno

    Still Lost

  • MrQuezo17

    If there was ever another story that I didn’t need to read a followup on, this one is it. I’m so tired of everybody saying he “deserves an Oscar”. I think he deserves a bitchslap upside the head. I think back and remember Rasheed Wallace when he was at North Carolina. He was playing on TV, probably ESPN, and I had been impressed with his passionate and talented play. He tweaked his ankle or something and went to the floor in a heap. As he lay on the floor, he went into some childlike tantrum complete with screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. I was incredulous as he was attended to by the team staff. Imagine my thoughts when he was ready to play as if nothing had happened after the commercial break. I lost whatever little respect and admiration I had for Raw$hit at that early period in his career, and never was impressed by him again. I have sat through far too many exhibitions like Wallace’s since and have lost respect for all who have perpetrated these unholy acts in public, obviously seeking some sort of hero worship. I have even less respect for all the foolish writers who not only don’t call the perpetrators on their fakery, but even choose to raise the treacherous acts to a level of legendary. Any writer who equates Pierce’s B-movie acting job with Willis Reed’s truly epic heroism (and I’m a Laker diehard), should be shot – without any last words. Please stop giving Pierce any awards for his ridiculous acting job. Instead let’s all agree to shun him, like we would a leper. Yeah, that would be a story I’d followup.