Meet Sun Yue

Sun Yue revealed a few interesting details during his introductory press conference at Lakers HQ in beautiful downtown El Segundo on Wednesday.

Here’s a bit of the Q-and-A session:

Sun: “Thanks to everyone. I want to thank the Lakers for making my dream come true.”

Question: “Have you spoken to Kobe Bryant yet?”
Sun: “I talk to him when the game finished when we played against the American team (last month in Beijing). He just said, ‘See you soon in training camp.'”

Question: “What are your goals in training camp?”
Sun: “My goal … I’m a rookie, so my goal is to practice hard and do everything the coach wants. It’s my first year. I am a rookie and I cannot ask for too much.”

Question: “You’re not expecting to play 30 minutes a game?”
Sun: “I hope, but to be honest I don’t think it’s possible.”

Question: “What adjustments will you need to make?”
Sun: “I think it is my body, because my body is too skinny for the NBA.”

Question: “What are your strenghths?”
Sun: “I think I am an average player. I think I can do all things on the basketball court. When I play defense. When I pass the ball. When I block (shots). I enjoy it, because basketball makes my life so happy. I think I’m average, not one skill is better than the others.”

Question: “How does it feel to be on the team, with Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous players in China?”
Sun: “It feels great. The Lakers were always my favorite team. When I started to play professional basketball, when I was, like, 15 years old, I started to watch the Lakers’ games, watching the triangle offense. The Lakers helped me make my dreams come true. I saw the triangle offense, so I think I know something about it. … I can be a point guard, but I can be another position, too. … I’m ready for anything the coach asks me.”

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